Eze Impress digital signage improves customer attraction and experience and leads to increased spend

Engagis is helping leading banks meet this challenge

Bank customers are demanding changes to the traditional branch experience

Engagis can help you navigate the plethora of options

LED signage: bigger, brighter and better.
Also now more affordable.

Eze Concierge delivers happier customers and visitors

First impressions count. How are you managing visitor check in, queues and wait times?

Create the Retail store of the future and maximize your ROI

Online is growing, but 90% of transactions still happen in a physical retail space


Attract. Engage. Transact.

Digital signage, Interactive Kiosks and 3D interactive product catalogs help drive sales and enhance customer experience through rich content, emotion and personalisation.

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We create connections for leading brands across retail, fmcg, telco, finance, real estate, hospitality, entertainment and more.

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Paint a Thousand Words

  Visual content is 650% more engaging than plain text, tells stories in an instant, and even gets people to remember long after they’ve seen it. This week on our vlog series, we learn how an image paints a thousand words, featuring Rej. Watch more of our weekly vlog series! We post weekly. Read more […]

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What if anyone can build their dream home?

Home industry leaders meet consumers at eye level with AR, VR, and apps. This is how technology revolutionises homebuying – creating meaningful experiences to make faster decisions. Empower customers to design their own space using the Home Designer App. The brainchild of Engagis Innovations, HDA aims to help customers make faster and better homebuying decisions and […]

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