Our Work


We believe in big ideas and small moments. Small moments that entertain, inspire, engage and connect. It’s the little things that resonate with customers and create true value.

That’s where we come in. We blend technology, creativity and strategy to create personalised customer connections on mass. Whether at home, at work, in store or on the move, we deliver meaningful brand experiences direct to your customers.

It’s about more than apps and digital signage. It’s about two way conversations that engage and convert customers. We use gamification, experiential activations, augmented reality, interactive displays, virtual reality, digital catalogues, video walls and self-service solutions to create personalised messaging and drive engagement.


As a full end to end provider Engagis Integrator services include, hardware procurement, staging and testing, project management, deployment and installation services, as well as support and maintenance.

We strive to balance the delivery of a high quality service with low overall life-cycle costs to our customers. We work closely with OEM suppliers to source the correct consumer grade technology for their digital media networks.

While our continued positioning is to remain agnostic to the hardware and software, with a focus clearly on the end customer solution, Engagis has long- established relationships with key OEM suppliers including Samsung, Aopen, NEC and MTI. Engagis is even an authorised Original Equipment Manufacturer for Microsoft.


Engagis Platform offers the Eze Suite: a range of integrated modules offered in flexible packages that also connect to your existing marketing cloud through extensive API.

Digital signage, product catalogs and selectors, way-finders, self‐service kiosks, queue management systems and WiFi apps are some of the most popular modules that fall into The Eze Suite.

In addition, we offer custom software development services that are leveraging our Eze Suite platform. This enables us to quickly and cost effectively develop client specific solutions in 20% of the time it would typically take to develop it if starting from scratch – such as Product Catalogs or Interactive Kiosks apps. This translates into little or no investment in major software or app development. This ability to customise our solutions to reflect your needs and evolving requirements is one of Engagis’s key points of difference.


Truly effective customer experience is the result of the synergy of all the channels. Engagis provides a true omni-channel approach by combining different platforms in-store to enhance the communications across multiple channels: Mobile, Social, POS and In-Store Displays.

As with any communication, the success of digital signage is governed by the content. Achieving synergy with the messaging
and design to create cohesive content is vital.


Satisfied clients and their customers are the best confirmation of our hard work. We take pride in our solutions, and teams that develop and deliver them.

Explore what our clients had to say, about Engagis team and solutions.
“When we were considering to drive business improvement through digital instore, it was Engagis who we called because of their track record, flexibility and responsiveness. They took end to end accountability to help us test and learn to prove up the business case. I would recommend them to any business that wants to partner with an organisation willing to push the boundaries of what is possible and grow the business based on solid data .” Stephen Eyears, 7-Eleven.