Warehousing & Inventory Management

Not only does our warehouse facility allows us to manage inventory on your behalf, it is set up to allow us to do staging for all our installations, so everything is prepared and tested before the on site deployment process.

And we don’t just test before each deployment, we pressure test all our recommended hardware for reliability in real world environments. Everything needs to be commercial grade and needs to work reliably in dusty or hot environments and where the ventilation may not be ideal. Plus the hardware must be tested so it can handle continuous usage.

We have structured and rigorous process for testing our hardware (screens, kiosks, media players), we look for cooling ability, heat output, noise, durability, power consumption, processing/read speeds, solid state v hard disk, weight, screen resolution, ability to run analytics and mounting options.

This translates into reliability, better performance and reduced TCO – total cost of ownership.

We think and plan beyond the traditional warranty. We don’t think 3 years, we think 10.