Home Designer

Eliminate the frustration in buying a home by empowering customers to design and visualise how their dream kitchen, dining room, home facade or other spaces could look like, even before it’s built.

Engagis has developed a proactive solution to help users validate potential design decisions and accelerate customer approvals, enabling more meaningful and satisfying home purchases.

The Home Designer App provides immersive 3D visualisation experience to help overcome the complex decision-making process and address current challenges of existing real estate marketing solutions — bolstering engagement and providing buyers a more informed purchasing decision.

The revolutionary app for designing and visualising spaces to reach inspired, informed purchase decisions faster, cheaper, better.


Easily search, inspect and select products and themes


Virtually decorate and edit interior spaces as desired


Capture and share selections with family and friends

HDA gives the customer a preview of the product within a realistic contextual environment and enhances the customer’s understanding of product details, attributes, and features.



Product Catalogue

Whether it’s furnitures, fixtures, or equipment, there are unlimited options to choose from.

  • Search
  • Filter
  • Favourites
  • Recommended Items

Room Designer

Customise selected products into a fully-immersive 3D experience.

  • Product Selector
  • Room Selector
  • Room-to-room Navigation
  • VR and AR Visualisation

Style Inspiraton

Simplify design options through a list of predefined lifestyle themes.

  • Theme Selector
  • Inspirational Spaces

User Profile

Manage user selections and preferences for future visits.

  • Popular Selections
  • Most Favourited
  • Related Items


Our team ensures that our technologies are prepared for future integrations.

  • Appointment System
  • Point-of-Sale
  • Content Management System
  • CRM


Capture customised selections for review and sharing.

  • Selections Summary
  • Design Screenshots