Interactive Product Catalog

Interactive Product Catalog

By transforming your standard catalogs into stunning and interactive digital solutions, your customers become more engaged. Interactive catalogs make it easy for your customers to  browse products, compare them and make positive buying decisions. These applications provide your customers with fun and transform the buying experience.

Engagis provides a full range of product catalogs suitable for digital displays of all types and sizes including iPad, tablets, digital touch displays from 10″ to 42″.

Interactive product catalogs enable retailers to maximize their floor space by using the power of the endless aisle. With interactive kiosks customers are offered a broader assortment of products in even the smallest  store environments.

Engagis offers the fast catalog applications as a powerful sales tool for retailers that are fully customized with individual product selections. Our solutions integrate easily with your eCommerce websites, POS and variety of peripherals all that you need to transform your customers shopping experience.

Our solutions are already changing the way retailers, financial institutions, dealerships and hospitality are presenting their products and services.

Key functionalities:

Customisable Plangorams

Filtered browsing

Still or interactive product display

Product Comparison

Saving Product Selection (takeaway)

Simple POS integration

Some Of Our Interactive Product Catalogs

 Hive By Laminex