WayFinder is a type of touchscreen application that helps visitors navigate through structures likes malls, and airports, retail showrooms, etc. The stress of navigating a large facility is easily eliminated with these solution.  Empower users to browse directories and access the detailed directions they need all at the touch of a finger.

Engagis offers a full palette of Wayfinder solutions from desk stands, wall mounted touch displays or free standing kiosks. Engagis WayFinders include complete hardware and software solution package.

Engagis WayFinding applications are custom made to your building and can allow your visitors to search via floor, department, service, staff, or keyword.

They can be customized to any shape and orientation, placed outdoors, or provided as dual sided. Different components such as a webcam, credit card reader, bar code scanner, or other peripherals can be easily added to the outer frame.

Engagis WayFinder options include

Freestanding WayFinder | Wall Mounted WayfinderWayfinder Desk stands

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